Jurong Bird Park’s senior birds retire in style – The Straits Times

A new exhibit has been created to house some special feathered residents at Jurong Bird Park, said Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Situated next to the Hawk Arena, the new aviary accommodates the park’s pioneer generation of birds that have retired from the Kings of the Skies show.

While they might have left the limelight, the eight birds of prey from six different species will continue to delight and enjoy their retirement under the watchful care of their keepers.

Birds from different species mixing in the aviary is actually good for them, as it stimulates them both physically and mentally, said WRS.

The oldest resident is Rod Stewart, an Egyptian vulture that might be close to 60 years old. Birds of his species have a 21-year life-span in the wild. He now wears a white bib across his chest to prevent him from picking at an old wound.

“By opening the aviary to the public, we hope guests can appreciate these elderly animals and learn how modern zoos care for them,” said Dr Cheng Wen Haur, WRS deputy chief executive and chief life sciences officer.

Just like people, many of these older birds have common age-related ailments, experiencing muscle atrophy and vision loss as well as having to take medication.

Carlos and Jose, two American black vulture siblings, receive daily medicine in their food for arthritis and to keep them

Jurong Bird Park’s senior birds retire in style – The Straits Times
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